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Law Offices of G. Emerson Dickman, III
"Caring Professionals
Helping People with Special Needs"

    For over 30 years, the Law Offices of G. Emerson Dickman have been
    helping individuals with special needs and their families respond to
    unique challenges. Dedicated primarily to special education advocacy
    and special needs planning, we provide a continuum of services to help
    individuals with special needs reach their potential, and lead safe, happy,
    and productive lives.  

    In the area of Special Education Advocacy we focus on obtaining
    effective and timely educational services.  While knowing the law is
    important, effective advocacy begins with a comprehensive
    understanding of the child.  Therefore, we work closely with parents,
    educators, and clinicians to understand the nature of the disability
    sufficiently to promote partnerships and build consensus as to an
    appropriate educational response.

    We are committed to making a good faith effort to resolve potential
    disputes with school districts without resorting to litigation; however, we
    are well equipped to proceed to litigation if the occasion demands.  

    The hope for all our children, especially as they approach adulthood, is
    that they acquire necessary academic, social, self management,
    vocational and/or life skills to enable them to be happy, productive, and
    feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to the community. As
    children with special needs prepare to transition out of public school, we
    provide guidance and links to service providers that will support them in
    their lifelong endeavors.

    We recognize that many individuals with special needs lead productive
    independent lives while others, due to the characteristics or extent of
    their disability, remain more dependant and may be eligible for
    governmental benefits and entitlements. We understand the concerns of
    those who want to ensure that their loved ones will remain protected
    even when they are no longer able to provide for them. We provide
    guidance on how to develop networks of human support, backed up by
    community, state, government, and financial resources, so that families
    can remain confident that their adult children will enjoy a quality life.  Our
    services may include person centered estate planning including but not
    limited to, Special Needs Trusts, Protective Arrangement Trusts,
    Medicaid Qualifying Trusts, and Guardianships.  

    Everyone in the office has a personal connection to a family member with
    a special need that has sensitized them to the unique obstacles,
    challenges, and joy that such persons and their caretakers experience.
    These life experiences have resulted in life choices that help explain our
    personal commitment to the individuals we represent and their families.